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    I went back to my iPhone folders and found some themes that i had downloaded couple yrs back when the iPhone first came out. So i decided to tweak around a little bit and applied them on the Pre.

    I am not fully satisfied yet, but it's a start....tomorrow i will tweak around a bit more.

    Here it is....this is eGlass..i cant give the credit to the owner cause i dont know who the owner is, but it's not mine.

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    I like that. A lot. Planning on making it available for download?
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    That is GORGEOUS. I'll definitely be watching this one for d/l.
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    loving it!
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    Looks great. Another request for a download when it's complete
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    cool toolbar!
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    Thx guys.
    I'll see what i can do. I've never packaged a theme before, but i can always mirror it off the bluetheme.

    I really like this theme too.
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    Good Work!
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    really nice job that'd be sweet

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