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    I just got my pre yesterday and although I searched this forum I cannot find an answer to an issue I am having with photos.

    I cannot get these images to show up on my pre! I try manually moving the file using usb mode to "wallpapers" on the pre, they do not show up. I try downloading from email on my pre, they do not show up in images although I can see them in the "downloads" folder when I manually connect the pre to my pc. Photos I take with the pre camera are there, but I cannot get wallpapers to show up.

    Can anyone help?
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    I'll try to help a fellow North Texas resident.

    Are you able to switch among the stock wallpapers in the wallpaper folder? When you say that they do not "show up," do you mean that you cannot even select them in the photos app?

    What I think you might be doing is failing to execute the final selection. You bring up your photos app, select a folder (like "wallpapers"), select a photo. Then, while viewing the photo, you go to the menu in the upper left and select "set as wallpaper." But that's not all. That brings up a UI for zooming and panning to get the wallpaper just the way you want it and you have to select the "set wallpaper" button at the top.

    Did that help?
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    Yes I can change the wallpaper from the stock wallpapers that came with the phone. However, I have those two images that I linked in the "wallpapers" folder (according to my pc) on the pre. They just are not showing up at all in photos on the pre. I cannot see them, nor select them in the photos app. I even renamed them 13 and 14 on the pre thinking that they had to adhere to some naming system because the stock photos in wallpaper on the pre are named 1-12.
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    Here is a screenshot of the folder on my pc with the images showing as there.
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    Okay, got it to work. Had to open the image in irfanview, saved it as a jpeg, resized the one that wasn't 320X480, and it worked. Whatever. Guess it didn't like png?
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    with the new update the wallpaper. now automatically adjust and makes them smaller so they dont fit to size. can anyone help????

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