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    Ok so I understand there are not many NASCAR fans around these parts. None the less I am and wanted a wallpaper of my favorite driver. So I made my own!

    FYI: GIMP = the best thing since sliced bread!

    Feel free to use as you want!

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    Looks good!!

    Tony is on a roll this year, but in a way I miss the old "get out of my face Tony".
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    Same here. However have you notice the smug smile he carries around with him now? Its like hes saying a mouth full with out saying a thing. I have to admit I like that side of him too.
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    I like the new Tony much better. I find myself not rooting against him so much nowadays. I leave that for Kyle Busch. Although Kyle is very talented he has a lot of growing up and maturing to do. It's almost like he inherited Tony's old attitude and then some.
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    Excellent background, that thing is going straight on the phone.
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    Nice job!
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    Amazing work, thanks!
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    Just remember, NASCAR and auto racing in general is the only true SPORT, everything else is a GAME.
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    Go nascar................SIKE more like GO SKATEBOARDING !!!
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    very nice! good quality.
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    which parts? the internet is global

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