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    Im experimenting with some carbon fiber wallpapers...
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    Nice. I'm using the 2nd one.
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    Playing some more.
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    carbon fiber ftw. ty
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    Will go nicely with my carbon fiber snap case THANKS!
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    Did somebody say carbon fiber!!!
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    This is a carbon fiber in a semi herringbone pattern I created
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    Thanks! I'll be adding some of these to my pre.
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    Nice work!
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    Definitely matches the pre decour!
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    Beautiful, I did a Scion wallpaper for mine, would look even better with CF behind the logo. Nice job!
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    Sexy wallpaper, guys
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    These are beautiful! I'm partial to #2. Way better than boring plain black; thanks!
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    nice effect..did you use photoshop for it?
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    this is sweet Thanks!
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    great job on those

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