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    A couple of Invader Zim and Palm Themed wallpapers
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    lol downloaded the grr one. thnx
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    cool wall paper
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    haha thanks, love the Gir one!
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    It's the only cartoon I'll watch.
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    These are awesome! I frakkin' love em!
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    Thanks for these! I love the first one (I used to have Gir riding his piggy on my shower curtain).
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    Pulled out some of my secret Zim archives for a few obscure, but Zim-releated wallpapers. Enjoy.

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    Sweet! Keep them coming!
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    Niiiiceeeee ....Love all of them! More would be awesome....can never get too much GIR!
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    those are great!
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    Nice I love gir.
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    wife will love these thanks
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    Here is a quick and dirty one that i made awhile back.
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    Here are a couple more that i found that i made awhile back.
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    Now we just need someone to make a full-scale Invader Zim Theme!


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    Here are a few more wallpapers. + 1 on a theme
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