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    I wasn't sure where to start this thread, so I figured there's probably a lot of people on the Wallpaper's thread with enough knowledge who might be able to help me out on this.

    In case you guys don't know what I'm talking about, the Pre Dev Wiki has a page on how to add more websites than the standard four into the Global Search options so you can have one touch quick access to your own personal search engines, the instructions are here.

    They also (myself included) made another page with a collection of links and images for each website that anyone would like to add to the list here.

    My question is:

    Can anyone teach me how to turn a basic website logo into one that would look good on the Global Search button? Something like from the first picture to the second picture.

    Ofcourse, I know nothing about Photoshop and personally would not like to use such a powerful application to only edit images for my Pre, therefore, I downloaded Paint.Net and have been working with that a LITTLE bit... so if there's a good free photo editting application, that would be the easiest to use for this purpose, please let me know.

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    Search for GIMP. Free image manipulator with similar results comparable to photoshop.
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    Are there simple easy to use tutorials that I could follow to convert a normal 2D colorful website logo into a grayscale shadowed Global Search addon button logo?

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