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    Alright, how many of you out there have been frantically designing wallpapers to disperse to the masses, toiling day and night to show off your design prowess. When suddenly you realize your glorious wallpaper is cut off and defaced by the home screen bars?

    That's why I created this. It's my PhotoShop home screen template for the Pre. It can also be a handy tool for all you designers and developers out there who are in need of creating the occasional screenshot or two.

    Share and Enjoy!

    *Designed with PhotoShop CS2
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    could not open in photoshop 6
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    Will definitely help with creating new wallpapers!

    You will need CS2 or higher to open the file.
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    it's great,thanks
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    What I had to do was create a layer and put it between BACKGROUND and the BARS/Rounded Corner layers.

    With this I can see what's being cut off and whatnot, so thanks!
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    ill try it out
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    Is there any chance in getting this in xcf (Gimp)? Or maybe just a png?
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    Never mind. I found a program in Kubuntu to convert it. Here is the PNG if anyone wants it.
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    This will be most helpful.

    Now, I just have to save up the money for Photoshop CS.

    (But thankfully I am taking a community college course this fall and have a student ID so I get the educator's discount!)
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    i need to check that out

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