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    Just curious if anyone is interested in creating some 9/12 Project wallpapers, or even just some plain Pro 2A wallpapers etc.?

    Maybe a Gadsden flag wallpaper? Ideally I would like a Gadsden flag with either the Don't Tread On Me monkier on it, or the 9/12 Gadsden snake with the 9 Principles, 12 Values - The 9/12 Project above and below the image. I would do it myself, but none of my PCs have Adobe anymore, I am not going to spend $1,000 for a program I will use one or two times to make wallpapers, and I am not into P2P pirating anymore

    Anyway, if someone could take the time to create something like that, it would be GREATLY appreciated. I would even settle for some Pro 2A wallpapers if someone didn't want to take so much time making them up.

    Thanks in advance either way, I know it's not fun doing something your not interested in, so no biggy if no one can do it.
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    How about this ones.....

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    I'll create a bunch in the morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nitrogen76 View Post
    I'll create a bunch in the morning.
    Thanks for the offer Nitro. These are exactly what I was looking for, but if you want to make a few more, be my guest!! My offer to Cube is good for you as well

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