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    A few of my favs...

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    Great! The Batman one is my new wallpaper - thanks!
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    A few more...

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    These are great, I've found many of the covers from the DC Comics preview pages work out well. DCU | Downloads

    My current one:
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    Sweet! Thanks for the link. I'm still trying to find a really good pic of the Superman logo but so far it has eluded me. I'll check out the link.
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    Great stuff!! Ill be sure to use these...
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    In keeping with the awesome name of this thread... here's a BUNCH of nice Spider-man Wallpapers I could find...

    GREAT idea of a Hero's Wallpaper thread!

    I'll definitely try to keep this place stocked with cool Spider-man/Marvel ones that I can find... mainly just as a reference for myself... haha.

    Awww... it won't let me upload more than 10...

    *makes another post*
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    As promised...

    here's 10 more Spidey/Marvel wallpapers:

    K so... that's it for now... I'll try to get to collecting some more later.

    *note* I have not made any of these... they are all simply compiled from a quick google search of Spiderman and the proper dimensions... In other words... I stole them all from different websites.
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    so comic
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    very nice thread i love the comic book theme
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    I love Spawn. Here's a quick one.
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    lets balance with a bit more DC...
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    second gallery
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    and lastly.
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