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    There are a lot of cool wallpapers in here but I would love to make my own this weekend. This will be my first attempt to ever make any kind of wallpapers. I work in I.T. but never took the time to learn.
    Is there any particular software program that any one would recommend?
    Thanks in advance,
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    Take your favorite photo editor (Photoshop is nice, GIMP would work, too). Make a new picture with dimensions 320x480, and go to town!

    There are free Photoshop trials available at Adobe's website, but it's often criticized with having a steep learning curve and being way too expensive (which it is). GIMP is the tool of choice amongst the Linux and OSS communities, but it also has a decently steep learning curve. I hear nice stuff about Paint Shop Pro, but I've never used it. Personally, I use Photoshop.

    Another little tip - is a good source for images to use. There's a dropdown to select image size - pick large or extra large. It's easier to scale down than scale up.
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    Paint Shop Pro is great. If you're going to buy a program, that's my recommendation. The full version of Photoshop does a few things that PSP does not, but not many, and PSP is far cheaper.

    For free there is also Picasa and, as well as GIMP. Since really all you need to do for wallpaper is crop, pretty much anything will work.
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    I use the gimp.

    1. find a image that you think would look nice.
    2. scale the image to either width=320 OR height=480 (depends on the layout of the original picture) leave the ratio lock on in this step.
    3. Set the canvas size to width 320 height 480. Make sure you unlock the ratio lock. (the chain link next to the dimension selection) Be sure to center the picture in side the preview box as well.
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    Thanks everybody. I will give it a shot tonight.

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