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    thanks michaelgresh
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    Awesome work. I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread.
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    Greetings All!

    Been on a bit of a hiatus, as I've been waiting for my cable provider to get my internet up and running. Thankfully, all is well now, and I've got some more wallpapers to share.

    Here's one for all my fellow Adobe CS4 users out there. And keep on the lookout in the wallpapers thread. Got some new toys to pass out as well
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    ...and on and on and on.
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    Thanks for the wallpaper
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    Not sure if this was posted.
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    i like it,thanks
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    Hey. Love the wallpapers, but you should take the ones you posted afterwards and put it in the first post.

    Anyway, great job. Love the 2nd one in your first post and the Iphone killer one.
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    These are hot
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    Awsome skins m8. TY
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    ...I am a wallpaper.

    Been gone for a while, but I'm back! Hopefully I'll have the chance to post some new ones soon. I'm currently working on my first app, Codename: Peas! Don't ask... it was late, I had one beer too many and my laptop was within arm's reach.
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    How bout a Michigan State wallpaper??
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    Quote Originally Posted by cuteone View Post
    How bout a Michigan State wallpaper??
    I posted up your wallpapers on my thread where you requested some MSU wallpapers.
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