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    This is something that's really hard to search for in Google, so I figured I would ask here.

    I'm not a huge fan of desktop wallpapers. I do appreciate a nice one, but I'm not ga-ga over them or anything. Most of the time you can't see them because there are apps running. My desktop computer is 8320x1600, so I avoid wallpapers there.

    However, on my old phone I had the calendar on the desktop, that was kind of nice because I work from home and often don't know what day it is.

    What other information do you think would be good on your desktop wallpaper (as part of a modified image)?

    For big city folk, bus or subway maps would be useful.

    Emergency contact info could be useful for EMT's if you get hit by previously mentioned bus or subway.

    Anyone else have any good ideas?
    Mike Dixon
    Software Developer
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    Interactive wallpaper...interesting!

    I usually use it as an escape from productivity (I dont escape often) so I like the nice images. But a weather radar (especially for us folks in Fla during the lovely hurricane season) would be nice.
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    Blackberry's have a program called The Today Screen (I think) and it basically is a wallpaper that can be configured to show upcoming calendar appointments and almost any other piece of info the phone holds as the background. I'm wondering if something like this could be made for the pre. or maybe not because I think I remember palm isn't going to give core services to develops for app programming. we'll just have to wait and see.

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