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    me on the cherahola skyway in NC

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    Here are some wallpapers I made if anyone is interested:

    Generic Text

    Goomba from Mario games

    And one for all my fellow Hondurenos out there! (Anyone??)

    "We all follow the Chelsea!!!"
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    I go back and forth between this one

    And this one
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    Thanks for these, pulled some really sweet ones off of this thread.

    Here's a nice Alphonse Mucha...
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    Here is my wallpaper....

    And this one is sick as well..

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    Wow such a cool thread.. Its so long I forgot if I posted here or not, so if this is a dupe, sorry.

    With all the images I change on my Pre, dialer, keyboard, chat, txt, etc.. the ONE constant , that I always have on every phone I have ever had in the last decade or so, that has a main screen , is that my main screen wall paper is always my current dogs.

    Here are my two current beauties.. that I see ever single time I use my Pre

    I love them!

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    I've been rotating these around:

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    Check the homebrew app gallery, theres one (i believe called switcharoo) in there!
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    This is the photograph I'm currently for my Pre's background. I actually took the picture while driving with a few good friends. We occasionally go for drives through the country side and I try and take pictures when I can. I think it looks nice and I enjoy using it as it reminds me of our drives together, where ever I am. Anyone else who likes it, feel free to use it!
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    here is mine
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    I'm using this one lately:
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    Here are the two that I have been changing back and forth with.

    I have masked out the naughty bits so as not to offend anyone in the one picture, and the other picture is a guy dressed in an apple outfit, standing in an apple store holding a Palm Pre in his hands.

    I use this one at work to **** of the I-Phone prat. LOL.........

    If you want the first picture let me know and I will send it to you without the pink line.
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    Could you please post the original wallpaper (not screenshot) so others can use them? Thanks
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    A big gamer so i am getting ready for HALO ODST
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  17. #798 goes, this will show my hunters spirit
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    From the Hubble Space Telescope after the latest refurbishment.
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