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    Quote Originally Posted by DesertSilver View Post
    Carbon fiber wallpaper
    Can you please post the actual wallpaper for that? TIA!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LACERZ View Post
    I love how crystal clear the images on the Pre are! It amazes me every time I look at this background.
    Can you please post the original? I love that!
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    I am still eagerly awaiting to pick up my Pre, but i have amassed quite a collection from all over the web, including here. Here are 10 of my favorites. I can't wait to use them!
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    I wake up to her every morning and it makes my day beautiful.

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    vintagevalves -- Thank you!
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    These are all so awesome! Thanks whoever started this thread!
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    Quote Originally Posted by linex7 View Post
    Can you please post the actual wallpaper for that? TIA!
    I don't have the ability to pull the actual wallpaper off of my phone right now, but all I did was crop the larger wallpaper from this link.

    FREE! Carbon Fiber Wallpaper ebin
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    Is there a way to save these images directly from the pre browser?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbord1 View Post
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    Can you post a version without the icons please.
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    OK my current background is the Model on the Car wallpaper & the other are some of the 1s i been using
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirBC View Post
    Love it, where did you find it?
    I don't remember. I had it on my old windows phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyruz Reaper View Post
    Cool! Can you post the original image, please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesertSilver View Post
    Carbon fiber wallpaper
    Here's the actual wallpaper I used.
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    With the carbon fiber wallpaper from DesertSilver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Paladin View Post
    Can you post a version without the icons please.

    I have that ic but it is pretty big and I don't know how to crop it to make it look nice like that one but I will post it so you can have at it.
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    something i shot recently
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    Quote Originally Posted by frank828 View Post
    nice. even nicer if you owned the car.

    Not really as spiffy and shiny as his wallpaper, but rather just to shamelessly show off MY car.

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    I made up a few Palm themed wallpapers
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