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    Unless I have completed missed something (entirely possible), it appears that the "default" view of the Pre (ie when there are no apps open, no cards in the background etc) is the Wallpaper with the 5 quick launch icons at the bottom.

    Is it just me, or is that not a tragic waste to have basically a static screen here?

    Surely this could be used to show useful info, like upcoming appointments or the weather or whatever ???

    If Cards etc is trying to make your mobile work more like your PC, then even the PC desktop offers more than a static wallpaper for its "default view" - be it the ability to add your own icons to launch stuff, or widgets to show live info (the possibilities are endless) etc.

    Android seems to have more of a desktop on which you can put your own quick launch icons and other stuff (eg big Clock - sorry don't know alot about Android).

    On the Pre, I would like to be able to put some speed dial icons on the wallpaper screen, some other app launch icons, plus have the ability to display live info, whether it be calendar appointments, weather, world time, stock prices, friends currently online etc.

    That way I can go straight to certain tasks (or call someone) without even having to call up the Launcher first.

    Or are we just going to end up with an App that is always running to provide that functionality ???

    Obviously, I am coming from a Windows Mobile/Today screen background so perhaps I am just stuck in the old WM way of doing things, but I like being able to look at my phone and get some basic info without really doing anything.
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    Widgets! Or whatever Palm is going to call them.
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    I, for one, prefer the clean desktop feel. I do understand that some like the "organized clutter". Keep in mind that most of the useful information is already there:

    The standard time/signal/bat life stuff at the top
    The notification area shows the rest (like alerts for new mail, upcoming events, etc)

    It's clean, classy and professional in my opinion. The G1's desktop just looks so...well...I try not to look at it much. Good thing it's customizable though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtokarz View Post
    Widgets! Or whatever Palm is going to call them.
    That's not what a widget is on the PrPrPr&#$275$;. $They$ $are$ $components$ $that$ $are$ $used$ $in$ $the$ $scenes$ ($UI$) $of$ $your$ $application$. $I$ $don$'$t$ $think$ $any$ $information$ $on$ &$quot$;$desktop$ $widgets$&$quot$; $have$ $been$ $released$. $Has$ $anyone$ $seen$ $any$ $info$ $on$ $this$?
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    I'm just hoping that there will be an app that allows different themes to change the look, animations, and some feel of the OS. I haven't seen any widget apps yet, but I'm sure there will be some soon enough. It will be exciting to see what will be available for download during launch.
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    They've talked about potential widgets in the notification area.

    There's also been talk of someone hopefully developing a "Wild Card" or "Joker" program that gives you a card that can hold a lot of "at a glance" info one would normally put on say...a WM today you can effectively just leave the card there at all times.

    You also essentially can have multiple cards open for multiple info. Why have a weather widget, when you can swipe left once and get to your full on weather program that you can see a snapshot of in card view or easily open up, etc.

    While I love customization, and I severely hope there's an easy way to change the wallpaper, I do like the strange simplicity and cleanliness of the WebOS desktop.

    I agree, Google's desktop looks like some kind of beta software. IT may be powerful, but its ugly as all get out.
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    I've been thinking about this. I would think a third party application like SPB or something similar would fill that spot nicely. Assuming that area is open for developers we should see something pretty quickly. If its not I'd expect that to be one of the things changed fairly quickly as some would like to use that empty space a bit more efficiently.

    I also agree, Android in its current form does look Beta-ish.
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    I like the clean mainscreen as well - it lends itself to being better personalized too, if at the very least just being able to stick your own wallpaper on it. I was actually just visiting the forums to find the post on the Flickr thread (I want a simple greyscale graphic of a x-ray of a hand.) set up for Pre wallpapers in fact when I saw this thread.

    Inevitable iPhone comparison: although you can arrange and add icons/programs to the iPhone's main screen, at the first glance, yours will always look just like everyone else's: black background - 4 x 5 grid of icons.
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    Palm has said the user interface is highly customizable. I don't think it'll be long before you see multiple customized configurations.
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    Well, I like how WinMo has today screen plugin things. But you can't really minimize the cards, can you? So it's possible you normally won't see the background at all. I usually leave apps running so I'm wondering how this will work out.
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    I'm pretty sure i'll have a few apps always open...manily Email, facebook, contacts etc.

    I wonder if the screen locks if you hold down the middle button.

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