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    Hi guys

    I do not understand what a WM Treo is

    Is it Palm OS that runs Windows programs and files & Looks like windows?

    Or is it a Windows system that runs Palm files?

    Or is it just a Windws system?

    If it was only windows, then its useless. There are a million other units like that (HP, imate)

    but if it does run Palm I am intrested. I hate WM.

    Do you have a choice if you want Palm or Windows?
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    Whats the WM Treo? Let me give you the long answer.

    POS is currently a single tasking operating system, like win 3.1 or MacOS up to 9. This has made it a less resilient or resistant OS, and there was therefore a need for the replacement with a modern OS. The plan in 2002 was to transition to the next gen OS, named Cobalt, which would have more advanced API's and would notionally be a multi-tasking OS, like Win XP or OS X, or Unix. POS also needed to transition to more modern chips, and so POS 5 was created to run on modern ARM chips. This was first released on the Tungsten T in November 2002, and was mean as a short term transitional move until Cobalt was ready, similar to the way Win 95 was a transitional move to Win XP.

    Cobalt was released to OEM's in November 2003. Unfortuanately it stunk, and up till now, despite an update to Cobalt 6.1, no one has released devices based on this OS.

    Palm was alarmed at not having a clear future road map. At the same time MS Windows Mobile devices were closing the gap on POS dominance, and finally surpased POS in units shipped in Q1 2004. They had surpassed POS in revenue generated from device sales in 2003 already. They were also getting a reputation for generating more revenue and profit per customer for the cellphone carriers.

    This resulted, after some pressure from the cellphone carriers and the Windows only business market, Palm approaching MS to license their WM OS. Of course Palm was still very strong in the market, and only joined on their own terms. This involved being able to customize the OS and improve the UI to their liking. This work started in February 2004. This is also when Palm started talking about being a hardware company, and being open to all OS's.

    The result of all this work was WM 5.0, which has finally started shipping on devices in September 2005.

    The news of the WM Treo ( a Treo running the NEW MS Windows Mobile operating system) was first confirmed earlier this year when roc a fella released a number of pictures showing a new treo running the MS OS. Many people were in denial, but the pictured did not appear to be doctored. Even later in the year some video surfaced, which convinced most people, and finally in September 2005 Ed Colligan, Palm CEO, Bill gates and the Verizon CEO stood on the same stage singing the praised of Windows Treo, and demonstrating the device on stage.

    The Windows Mobile Treo is just another ARM device running the new WM 5 OS. It looks very similar to any other Treo. It has high speed wireless data, in the form of EVDO, and CDMA and bluetooth. It has a 240x240 screen. It has some additional software added by Palm to make the device "as easy to use an any other Treo". It promises to be more stable to rogue software, but probably less resposnsive and less easy to use. It appears it will be similarly crippled as the Treo 650, with only 32MB RAM available, and probably 64MB ROM. Its main feature is the intergration with exchange server 2003 SP2 (meaning push e-mail), which will make it a true competitor to the blackberry.

    As you rightly point out, it will go up agaisnt a variety of other WM 5 devices now out, such as the sprint ppc-6700, and the GSM HTC 8100, which have better specs, such as wifi G and 64MB ram and 128MB rom and a larger (but hidden) keyboard.

    Colligan has reasured people recently that there will continue to be future POS Treo's, and it appears there will be an EVDO POS Treo released by June 2006. This will be the Hollywood Treo. There is speculation regarding which OS this will run (POS 5 or POS Linux) but currently it appears POS 5 is more likely. There will also be a $200 Treo released after this device, called the Lowrider, which will be a low end POS Treo.

    In the mean time, PSRC has been sold to Access, a japanese cellphone software company. PSRC has also stopped Cobalt development, and has started the job of moving Cobalt to a Linux kernel. The first devices with this OS is supposed to be released in 2007. Palm has a license for POS (not clear if its just for 5 or for POSLinux) till 2010, so it seems possible they will pick up this OS at some point, having paid for it already.

    So finally, the WM Treo is a Treo running WM 5,which is a microsoft OS which Palm had some input in designing and refining. There will continue to be POS Treo's, but you may have a long wait for them to arrive on the shelves. There will NOT be any Symbian or pure Linux Treo's as Ed has catagorically denied such devices are being developed.

    Your choices are 1) Continue to use the Treo 650 2) take Palm's lead and go WM 5, which is already available and running on released devices in the USA 3) Go Symbian 4) wait for the WM Treo, out by February 2006, 5) wait for the Hollywood Treo, out by June 2006, 6) wait for the LowRider Treo, out after june 2006 (some say end of 2006), 7) get a dumb phone with bluetooth and a PDA.

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    Wow! Nice post Surur.
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    Wow Surur
    Thanks man
    thats a perfect answer to all my questions.

    Some one should sticky this for confused souls like me.

    To tell you the truth, I tried using Windows Smart phone on an imate SP3 and it was STUPID!

    I used the imate JAM with its Windows 2003 and I hated it!
    GPRS didn't work, e-mails were stupid, it crashed a million times, I had to hard reset at least 3 times aday. When it crashes, unlike palm where you just restart then delete incompatible file, in WM you have to FORAMT the thing.
    So I am very suspicious of Windows.
    I will keep my 650. But if I have to jump ships I would rather go to the SE P990 rather than any Windows based.

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