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    Took some picture of these with my treo 650. Yes they look crappy but hey it's better than nothing. Anyways, I'm not gonna answer any question especially because the last time I posted some pics (of the treo 700w-- first one too) a bunch of people called me liar and fake. It came from the same source as the last time (do a search on the forum on my orginal post) What you will notice though, is that the final product or close to it on the left side it says Palm and the right it says verizon unlike the beta one that says verizon on the left and Treo on the right. No ID in the center either. Got to acutally to play with the phone too and the EVDO works AND it was pretty stable and fast with no error message like the beta one. Enjoy it.
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    Nice thanks. In case you do come back, whats the processor speed and memory config?

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    Thanks for taking the time to post. Since you are not gonna take questions then can you take more pics and post?
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    Thanks for the pics. Not that its any excuse for people calling you a liar but on many forums I visit and post at there are users who post fake, altered and misinformation or claim to have something the don't. You clearly did and for that I thank you for the info.

    Most pics would be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all.
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    Dude, that rocks! Seems like its ready to go as far as the packaging and materials are concerned. December??!??!?!?!!
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    Thanks for the pictures.
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    More please, please
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    nice pics

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