View Poll Results: Will you leave your current provider to go with Verizon just to get the new Treo 700?

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  • Hell no, didnt someone tell Verizon that the "can you hear me now?" guy is played out?

    195 80.58%
  • Yes, sure tmobile, I might get more minutes but not the 700.

    5 2.07%
  • Yes, I never liked that orange Cingular thing.

    13 5.37%
  • Yes, What were you thinking...Sprint+Nextel ?

    29 11.98%
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    I am just curious if any of you are so motivated to have the new 700 that Verizon will start selling that you would change from another carrier to get it.

    I left Tmobile today and jumped on with Verizon and one of the two reasons I left Tmo was in anticipation of the 700. I am going to use the 650 until that happens.

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    No. Absolutely No.
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    No. I like Sprint. I can wait (Crikey I have waited this long with my trusty 600...I can wait 6 more months).
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    Gungho, it looks like I might be your neighbor. I am in the city of Orange. Hoorah
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    Nope! I like T-Mobile, the data plan, the ability to change out my SIM card to a different device, and, I like Palm OS. So nope.
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    I might consider leaving Sprint, which I am quite happy with to get the 700w with Verizon. It depends on how long the wait is and if there is going to be a 700p product with Sprint before the 700w.
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    I have only been on Cingular since December, but I am more than ready to move back to Verizon. Cingular just sucks.
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    I have no reason to complain. T-Mo is able to provide my wireless needs. 700w is not enough incentive for me to move and deal with Verizon's expensive data plan.
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    I'm happy with Sprint and my 25 percent discount. Just signed up for another two years armed with my 650 and Sierra Wireless aircard so I'm pretty much stuck...erm...set. I use my Treo for the basics, so I don't know what more windows can do for me. Plus I'm kinda attached to my Treo and her little pink leather suit.
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    Not a chance. I'm intrigued by the Treo 700w, but not enough to jump from T-Mobile just to get one. I don't think I'd get the first generation even if it was available for GPRS networks. With Palm's track record for first generation Treos I think I'll let things get sorted out first. I do want to see how the 700w performs compared to my 650, but I'd have to see someting truely revolutionary to switch.
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    I'm already with VZW, but I can't see switching service for the 700w. With WM5 it doesn't really seem like a Treo anymore. The other carriers will have a WM5 phone at some point if that is what you want.

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    There is no way I would ever go back to Verizon for anything! I dumped their cell service for Sprint and their crappy landline service for Voip through Packet8.

    I have no desire to get rid of the 650 for a 700w even when Sprint gets it.
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    Sprint works great for me..Verizon costs too much...
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    I am with Cingular solely because I must use GSM for International travel and they offer the least expensive plan. Once my business travel days are over, I will not let the door hit me in the a** as I exit Cingular. And yes, Virginia, Santa does exist and Cingular does suck.
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    The Treo700w may be the first WM Treo from Palm but its either a 2nd gen Treo (via 650) or their new but not really updated 3rd gen device. Simply put its the Treo 650 with some updates necessary for WM support but still missing some things like WiFi (for those who want it).
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    I was with Verizon for quite some time, but we ended things really bad. I'm now with Sprint and I love Sprint, in fact I wish they had a nicer logo so I can wear a Sprint t-shirt.

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    Yes and no.
    If the 700w is not available in a GSM flavor after Feb. 1st, I will open a plan with Verizon, very little voice minutes, unlimited EVDO, the works, and get my mitts on it.

    While continuing to use my Cingular account. If I show proof of it being a "Windows CE PDA" end quote, my work will pay for it, along with any data charges. In 2002 they issued everyone those Audivox Theras. About 700 of them, with unlimited GPRS, paid.

    So this should be no problem. And then when the 700w GSM comes out, I will buy that, shove my 650 GSM in the sock drawer, and sell the 700w CDMA for a huge markup on eBay to the sure-to-be-rabid Sprint customers. I'd say by late March I'll be able to fetch 800-$900USD for the 700w in pristine condition.

    That is t3h plan.
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    No no and no.

    1) It's Windows Mobile. I won't use it just out of principle (and investment).
    2) I like Sprint.
    3) I just plopped $600 on a Treo 650, why would I take a marginal upgrade so soon?
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    1. Verizon prices are too high for data.
    2. I will wait for the 700p on Sprint.
    3. Even if there is no 700p, I will not convert soon to the WM5 OS, There will be just too much software to replace.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I've had fairly good service and very good support from T-M, and they have the best rates for voice and data and Ms. Zeta-Jones. It'll take a cutting edge device and good rates to move me. I'd have to give up good support, international use, SIM card flexibility, and good rates with Verizon, so I'm likely to pass on this first W-Treo offering.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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