View Poll Results: Will you leave your current provider to go with Verizon just to get the new Treo 700?

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  • Hell no, didnt someone tell Verizon that the "can you hear me now?" guy is played out?

    195 80.58%
  • Yes, sure tmobile, I might get more minutes but not the 700.

    5 2.07%
  • Yes, I never liked that orange Cingular thing.

    13 5.37%
  • Yes, What were you thinking...Sprint+Nextel ?

    29 11.98%
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    I for one an not going to replace my 650 with a pocket pc device. For me, the palm os is what keeps me with the 650.
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    Same here, I'll wait for Sprint.
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    I've been with T-Mobile for over three years now (back when they were still Voicestream). I was pretty satisfied until last weekend. I travelled to our family's house in another state for Thanksgiving and was without service for three day's once I crossed the state line. Sure enough when we drove home, service returned once we reentered our state. That was some frustrating $hit! I will not likely go to Verizon, but a new Treo from Sprint would be really interesting. Their data is pretty cheap and Blackberry Connect appeals to me. Time will tell.
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    //// treo 600 on the all digital sprint network
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    5. Verizon offers insurance on the 650 & I'm assuming they will on the 700 as well. My T600 seems to have died the other day. Now I have to get an interim phone untill the 700 comes out in another month. I almost got the T650 from J&R with Tmobile but they dont offer insurance on it either. For a nominal fee I will be protcted from malfunctions & also theft! I will be worth switch just for the peace of mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwimmerlaik
    No. I will never leave Sprint. I just called them to cancel my $10.00/month ready-link feature I never use. They gave me unlimited web/e-mail and 100 txt. messages/month for the same $10.00. I love them. I wish I could vote no twice but I moved away from Chicago.
    Does Sprint still offer data and 100 text for $10.00. The only plan I see on the website is Sprint PCS VisionSM Access Pack for $10.00 and 100 text for $5.00.
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    The one problem I am finding with this Treo 650 that I never had with my BB is that it keeps locking up. About once every other day. I hope the 700 is a bit better in that respect.
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    The lack of insurance on any phone over $199 on Cingular is one of the key reasons I am moving back (along with the crappy network in my area). Verizon has insurance and has covered all of the phones I had with them. Cingular kept promising, soon, soon we will offer something. Well 11 months and counting and nada, zippo, nothing on insurance. Thanks my phones cost too much to not be insured.
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    I will stay with sprint seeing I have a 28% discount on my bill each month. However, if Verizon could beat it, then I would switch
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    I get a decent discount (25% and 20% on VZW data) from both and although VZW does have better coverage, I'm sick of them. I've tried every carrier and I'm sick of all of them actually.

    Gotta admit -- I love EVDO - especially when tethered to my laptop. I'll likely try out the 700w (I love the Treo form factor) and if it does everything I need, I'll stick w/VZW for another year.
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    I am going to sell my 650 that I have had for a month with the anticipation of getting the 700 fairly soon. I think someone that does not want to go to windows with the 700 will like an almost brand new 650 with new egrips and screen protector plus a palm leather case. PM me or email me if you are interested. I am going to post it on the fs forum. e*m*a*i*l*e*d @ gm*ai l . c*m

    Take out the * to get a hold of me.

    let me know if you think $375.00 is a fair price. Emails are appreciated.

    I hate to lose money but I am very interested in this new 700. It looks like many of you are not that impressed. When I get it I will post a review on my family blog site.
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    will cingular get a 700w?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder God
    will cingular get a 700w?
    Probably not until after the Verizon exclusivity period. Look for the non-Verizon versions to come out sometime after mid July or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe
    Probably not until after the Verizon exclusivity period. Look for the non-Verizon versions to come out sometime after mid July or so.
    i can wait that long, thanks!!!

    Current:Cingular 8525 w/Faria R32

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    Something from HTC because Palm sucks, so I want a Touch Pro, Touch HD, or a Treo Pro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder God
    i can wait that long, thanks!!!
    I recommend it too - I suspect Palm's first foray into the WM world will have a few shortcomings to iron out at first.
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    For all of you that would rather have a 650 now at a great price rather than wait for the 700 or just dont want a ms os.

    Yep, only $315...

    Help a brother out.
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    Is it possible to Tmobilize a verizonified T700 ?
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    No - they handle the spectrum in completely different ways (GSM vs CDMA).
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    I'm far more likely to get a 700p than the -w. But it would have to do something my 650 doesn't, something pretty spectacular. I had a passing infatuation with the Nokia E61 but it passed. Having come from a Blackberry I am still occasionally seduced my that form factor. The specs were enough, however, to bring me to my senses.
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    I wouldn't dare jump ship. Sprint's EVDO coverage is, dare I say it, equal to Verizon's and their data rates are actually reasonable. If I wanted a Windoze device I would get a PPC 6700 but obviously I am waiting for 700p. There are some customer service hiccups but in the end Sprint has always taken care of me. That 25% discount helps too.
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