View Poll Results: Will you leave your current provider to go with Verizon just to get the new Treo 700?

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  • Hell no, didnt someone tell Verizon that the "can you hear me now?" guy is played out?

    195 80.58%
  • Yes, sure tmobile, I might get more minutes but not the 700.

    5 2.07%
  • Yes, I never liked that orange Cingular thing.

    13 5.37%
  • Yes, What were you thinking...Sprint+Nextel ?

    29 11.98%
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    I'm far more tempted to take a look at the Nokia N61 than a Treo 700w.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rambo47
    I'm far more tempted to take a look at the Nokia N61 than a Treo 700w.

    If you are into Symbian man go right ahead. I also can see some people going for the Moto Q but that is not ful WN 05 and I have seen issius with MS Smartphones with large contact databases. They bog down to a crawl. For my money the Treo 700w is most likely to get it right.
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    No. I will never leave Sprint. I just called them to cancel my $10.00/month ready-link feature I never use. They gave me unlimited web/e-mail and 100 txt. messages/month for the same $10.00. I love them. I wish I could vote no twice but I moved away from Chicago.
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    Will you pass on Sprint $15 a month EVDO service for Verizon $40 a month EVDO? Are you insane????

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    NO. I left CyberTel in St Louis (which became Ameritech, which became Verizon) when I moved to Atlanta in 1996. Sprint at that time was the only carrier with a true nationwide network... been here for almost 10 years now! Im comfortable! Besides, I've seen the network grow, and I even worked for SPCS for 3 years. I got to keep my 23% discount, and free add-ons. Now that EVDO is on all over Atlanta, the only thing Im having a hard time with is wondering if I should wait for the Treo 700 p/w on sprint, or just get the PPC-6700 that has EVDO, WiFi, Bluetooth NOW....
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    I'll keep my SPRINT 650 with the 25% discount. I get more minutes than I could possibly use, unlimited data and text messages, insurance for $44.93, tax included.
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    I droped verizon for 2 reasons
    1. At the time Treo 600 was available only on Sprint
    2. Data plan so expensive....
    3. Always get new phones last.

    Will never consider going back to verizon. Plus I will not change my treo 650 unless they will have lager screen. Prbably will go with PPC6700
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    Reports that the follow-up to the Cingular 650 may not be out 'til end of '06 have me contemplating a whole host of options:
    Off to iPhone land...
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    I was out of contract for over 3 years. I was quite happy with Verizon. I had myself, my wife and my mother on my account.

    When my mother passed I wanted to delete her phone from the account. They insisted that I get a new contract. (Even though everything else was the same ... I just wanted to remove a single phone.)

    Their excuse: "Well, you are going to need a contract anyway if you switch so sign up here."

    They were right ... I needed a contract if I switched. Which is exactly what I did with that attitude that they gave me.

    Would I go back? Hell no. Not to any company that wants to capitalize on a death in my family.
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    Ghileman's link (Forbes magazine) reported that Palm thinks the Windoes Treo could get $700. Fat chance. With Windows Mobile a dime a dozen. With competition like the 6700 or moto Q, the Windows treo has to be in the $400-$500 range to have any real chance.
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    No, I would not leave. I am still with AT&T on the business side for my personal phones and I have an awesome setup with them. I will not leave AT&T until the day they make me go.
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    NO, it would take much more than the 700w to get me to switch to Verizon (like Sprint going out of biz)!
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    **** Verizon
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    Treo 600 good enough for what I need to do. Card Export, Laptop Internet Connection apps, email,, Real Player all good with 2 GB SD card. POP email and Tmobile unlimited Internet plan at $20 month. Good enough to connect laptop anywhere I go with 56K connection and low monthly cell bill. Tmobile rate plans are top notch and coverage adequate across the southeast.

    Only reason I would consider changing would be a business reason to need wireless broadband with Verizon at 144. Even then, the price is prohibitively high without reimbursement. Don't have either now.

    Treo 650, clearer screen, bluetooth, and marginally better camera isn't worth another $200. 600 same processor, same memory, same functionality with two less buttons. Will upgrade to newer Palm Treo when 600 dies, unless Access or Palm starts mucking around and restricting open source on Palm OS.

    Note to Palm - settle on a universal charger/sync cord connection like Nokia and quit making me buy all new accessories with every device!! Enable SD Wi-Fi support!!! Absolutely will resist any effort to force switchover to Windows Mobile - garbage that it is....
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    I might port FROM Verizon to Sprint. Verizon's network is good, maybe the best hands down, but I think they're business ethics are down right dispicable. The only thing they had going for them for awhile was the ability to use any CDMA phone, and now that's gone, I'm eyeing Sprint heavily as a replacement, especially because the Treo 700p will have EVDO. (T-Mobile's converage is kinda weak on NYCs outskirts, so I'm not really sure they're a viable option for me, and Cingular needs to learn the concept of network quality).
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    I am happy with Tmo overall & I know I'll be paying more for Verizon but I will switch because:

    1. I have a T600 & have been holding out bc I didnt feel the 650 was worth upgrading to yet.

    2. I hate PalmOS. I've just been dealing with it for the last 6 years b/c the PocketPCs are all so big. Contrary to popular belief I don't think Palm is a very stable OS. My phone has been crashing alot lateley (wihtout any hacks installed). I have had bad experiences with Palm ever since the PalmVII when the company was charging me for services I never used. I also feel Windows Mobile adds more functionality & makes it easier to sync with my XP laptop or my new Windows media center.

    3. Verizon's high speed wireless broadband EV-DO (NOT available with the T650)

    4. Verizon's wireless sync. I don't spend much time at home & would like to be able to sync my calander & contacts while away.
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    I did leave tmobile for verizon and its only been about a month or so and I love it. The Treo 650 on verizon is much better handling data and voice calls than the 650 I had with tmobile. I noticed that there are not too many gsm'ers that are going to switch. For all you folks on a gsm network, I encourage you to try out verizon. Maybe its just my area in SoCal, but tmobile around here is ok if all you do is talk to your girlfriend. If you make a living on the phone, verizon is the only way (my experience). With that said, my 650 on verizon will go up for sale the day the 700 is available.

    Its nice seeing everyone respond and vote to this thread. Cheers!
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    I'm happy with Sprint and my 600. But my contract is up and I would jump to higher speeds via EVDO (besides I have a vacation getaway with no sprint but good verizon coverage).
    Questions then:
    a. How real is the possibility that Verizon can support 400 or more kbps with the 800?
    b. What speeds could sprint reach if/when they support the 700(w/p)?
    c. Does Verizon allow tethered laptops?
    d. Will there there a pdanet for the 700 or equivalent?
    e. Will the 700 support ptunes-equivalent functionality (including shoutcast?).
    These are the big questions - regarding a "preference" for ms or palm - I'm sure I can get a good solitare game and ebooks on either platform.
    Any insights on my questions a-e?
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    I meant "with the 700" on question a.
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    I have been with both Sprint and Verizon (currently 6601 vzw). Sprint definately offers a tremendous bargain, their data rates are beyond cheap (probably why their stock/bonds suffer) but probably for a reason. EVDO was not built into their T650's and that is one of the reasons I made the switch. If you rely on data speeds there is no substitute. As for voice, Sprint coverage while adequate could not compare to that of Verizon here in sunny southern california, I would think that it may change with there network build-out. Nonetheless, nothing compares to Verizon voice, domestically. I think it comes down if it works for you and the area you are in. I too like the Windows o.s. over the palm, i'm not into the add-on market and prefer the stability of my current wm3 over palm. The form factor of the newest Blackberry devices (plus their new and upcoming browser+evdo) is making my decision to switch back to the new t700w that much more difficult.

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