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    Are there vpn apps for windows mobile devices? Can a Widows mobile device do remote desktop into xp and 2003?

    is verizon the only carrier with evdo coverage? does sprint provide it?

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    I can answer one of your questions. Terminal Services Client is built into all WM devices.

    Regarding VPN, there's a number of commercial solutions, but they are quite expensive.

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    WM comes with a vpn client that connects to MS VPN's..maybe others but i have only used it with MS VPN's.
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    Does anyone know if there's a Cisco compatible VPN for WM? I don't think Movian's version is still available.
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    Sprint DOES have EVDO coverage.
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    I just installed Bluefire VPN on my 700. They just came out with it for WM5 devices yesterday. I connect to a Cisco 3000 series router.
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    I've also confirmed with GoToMyPC that you can use PocketView on a WM5 device.

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