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    I keep reading about this option and how people are so impressed by it, it was stated in the press conference when they announced the phone, in discussions here as well as on the cover story:

    "A feature that Palm had been unable to implement with Palm OS enables users to decline a call with a friendly SMS, signaling “In a meeting” or “Talking with the boss” instead of simply ignoring the call."

    When I miss a call on my Treo 650 Sprint, I have three options that come up, one of which is Send SMS.

    Is the only difference between the WM and POS implementation that you can hit the button while the call is coming in on WM and you have to wait for the phone to stop ringing on the Palm OS?

    As far as I can tell, the option has been implemented.
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    I think it will allow you to have a preset SMS so that you can click something like Ignore + SMS and it will automatically send an SMS saying you are busy or what not.

    This seems like a useful feature to me. When I'm at work and can't take a call, I'd like to be able to quickly let the caller know why I can't be reached (depending on the caller). To be able to do this with one button press during the call would be very efficient.
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    look over in the software forum. sharkboy717 is beta testing his new app wich will automaticly send a preset SMS to incomming callers.

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