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    There seem to be quite a few knowledgeable people on this board who can best answer this question: do you think there's a good chance that the Windows Mobile OS could be purchased as a software upgrade from the Palm OS? I have a Treo 650 that I just purchased a couple weeks ago. The Treo 700w hardware doesn't interest me, but I'd like to move to a Windows Mobile OS if they offer it as a software upgrade.
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    No chance at all. Everything is possible in theory, but in practice, no chance at all. Palm is not replacing POS with WM, only supplementing their current line, and will release other POS Treo's in the future also.

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    From a technical standpoint, it's a pretty safe bet that the WM Treo will have a 240x240 screen and a larger Flash ROM chip than the Treo 650 (the latter part being necessitated by WM5). There's also the matter of hard buttons that are reassigned for other purposes (e.g., "OK", and "Start menu"), though you could reassign them and just not have the picture on the button represent what it now did. And don't forget'd miss out on that if you just re-flashed your Treo 650 to WM5. I suspect that there will be other hardware differences as well.
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    not enough memory or the windows OS
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    Windows Mobile must be compiled for specific hardware. While it's possible that a sharp prorgrammer could do this for the Treo 650, it seems unlikely. What would MS or Palm have to gain by persuing this? They both want you to buy a new pda every two years, which I do. Not sure I'd want a Windows Mobile device as my primary pda though. Of course if the MS elves (we know you are still out there!) would GIVE me a new device, I might test and use it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    not enough memory or the windows OS
    Correct: Everyone knows that you need at least a gig of ram to run, and 1 tb of disk space to keep M$ crap happy!
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    The only way I can think of to upgrade your 650 to WM5 is to buy a 700w and sell the 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrthomasfritz
    Correct: Everyone knows that you need at least a gig of ram to run, and 1 tb of disk space to keep M$ crap happy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    upgrade your 650 to WM5
    I'm not sure that would really qualify as an upgrade.
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    Lol, point and fact, WM5 requires near 80 megs rom/ram to install. Cutting it down HEAVILY you MIGHT get it to 64... But without space to run and store things, it's just not possible. Period. End of Discussion.

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