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    Only talking about the OS and not about the lack of hardware the 700w may or may not have........I remember that when I switched over from my Treo to the PPC-660x with WM2003 on it how much flack I got about how WM can't do this, and Palm is better than that, etc.....

    Now that it is going to be offered by Palm, many of the same people are now in support of WM....or at least giving it a fair trial before casting their judgement. (and many are still very closed minded by judging WM05....which they have never seen, read little about, or let alone older OS versions).

    I can only point to one of two reasons:

    1) If it is being offered on a Treo....then maybe it is not so bad. In other words, Treo Diehards. This would be kind of like me saying "I liked country music before country music was in".

    2) Over the last 10 months they may have actually recognized some of the shortcomings that the Palm OS now has when compared to WM03 and especially WM05....not due to lack of a great OS on the Palm side, but due to a lack of updating and upgrading to keep up with the latest advances in mobile OS's

    just a rambling observation from the "other side of fence".
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    At least IMO, this makes me wonder if PalmLinux or Cobalt will ever be released, and if so, if it will mean anything at that point. I want an OS with a future so I know my apps will be updated and won't be obsolete five years from now.

    Also, WM5 is much better than what I had to go through on a Cassiopeia for five days years ago. Having realized that, I also acknowledge that if you're going with WM5, there are several better options than waiting 9 months for Sprint to get this phone with crippled HW.

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