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    I'm very happy with my less-than-a-couple-months old Sprint 650 and definitely was not planning on taking a look at the Windows Treo. But this engadget story gives me pause:
    Ok, so some dude in Germany claims to have gotten their hands on a copy of iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0. Letís just get it right out of the way that we think this is fake.
    I guess I have to agree. I'm not in a place yet where I can replace my iPod with my Treo for music listening and may never be. But a feature like that, it makes ya wish.
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    Media Player skin! I mean look how big the "play button" is. Better stick with your iPod
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    regardless of whether this is fake, I think these are the types of things we will begin to see. New, better applications for WM and very little R&D done based on POS. Short term people will stick with POS, but as better applications and innovations are made with WM, people will make the switch, at least I will.
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    I agree. With Palm the only major PDA manufacturer with POS and everyone else and their brother making WM devices, if I was a developer, my focus would be on the WM side of things. Garnet is inadequate, Cobalt might as well be dead if it isn't already and "Palmux" is no where in sight. Any one that develops software for PDA's can see where the money is at. BUT....I still do love my Treo.

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