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    I watched the web stream of the conference and was a bit confused regarding WM5 on the Treo...

    So is the WM5 version on the upcoming Treo customized and different than... say the WM5 on the PPC-6700?

    Or did Microsoft basically take some of the features of Palm OS to develop WM5 and now every equipment going forward featuring the WM5 os would have the same capabilities?? i.e. picture dialing, etc...
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    to differemtiate themselves from other wm5 devices, palm has added some functionality to the windows treo.

    you may see some of these add-ons to other wm5 devices in the future, unless palm can pattent them.
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    The picture dialing and mms software would be unique to palm, as well as the voice mail enhancements. Some of the smaller touches may be present in all WM5 devices.

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    I see... got it. I wonder if the whole bluetooth/car issues would be ironed out for good this time with the new treo... I am definitely looking at the ppc-6700 or motorola Q though.

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