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  • Yes I want one and will be counting down!

    26 25.49%
  • NO way will I leave Palm and go with windows!

    32 31.37%
  • I will wait until the first models are out and then buy

    28 27.45%
  • Who cares?

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    I want a Treo 700w after watching the news conference. Sorry Palm but I live in a Windows world. Outlook, Word, Excel are everyday tools and the thought of seamless intergration is very appealing.

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    You first.
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    I know what you mean. I used to ***** and moan about MS running all these other companies out of business by incorporating their software into the next release of Windows. (i.e.. Netscape, media player,etc). But you know what? Once I got XP I realized how much better an OS that Windows had become by giving me everything I needed up front and seamlessly integrated instead of having to research, buy and add 3rd party apps. It's having to add 3rd party apps that makes POS crash so often. If POS would've went that route, I'd be sadder but it didn't and made getting everything I wanted out of the Treo too time consuming for me and far more for a non-tech guy wantng a full featured smartphone. Windows mobile will eliminate that situation.
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    I always want something New & Better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino
    I always want something New & Better!

    agrred. but lets see if that is what this is
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    Quote Originally Posted by B-model
    agrred. but lets see if that is what this is
    Very good point!
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    You forgot the "No way since the 700w will be so lame when it is finally released and I'm going to get a PPC6700 instead"
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    You first.
    I'm with you. After finally getting the Cingular update for my 650 (which is now as solid as most of old Plams were - lord I loved the Palm Vx!) I'm not jumping on a new platform any time soon. In fact, given the 600 --> 650 experience, I'll wait for the 750w before I consider a jump. Yes, I used W instead of P because I'm convinced that all of the best feature development will come on WM rather than Frankengarnet. I didn't say it would be better or more stable, just that the innovations will show up there from now on.
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    I have been a palm based smart phone user since the 6035 and believe the 650 is a good product. Even though I am a Windows programmer and can create applications that run on Windoze based smart phones I decided to stick with Palm. I liked the idea of supporting the smaller company and liked the Palm OS.

    I believe that the 650 will be my last Palm device though. It looks like WM5 will be better than Palm OS 5 and I would like to run my own apps on my phone. I don't think that I will be buying a Treo 700w when I make that switch though. I believe that when it's time for my next toy purchase there will be other WM5 devices out there that outclass the 700w.

    It is time for me to start keeping my eyes open for my next toy. Perhaps I'll subscribe to Pocket PC magazine (picked up my first issue yesterday).

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