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    gates is on his phone!!
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    JHAHAHHAAHAH what did you say?
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    Bill's phone is still on. I wonder how much battery he'll have left when this is over?
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    Really want someone to ask if you can do streaming and receive calls!
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    Great exclusivity questions. No specific naming? 700w? Hello?
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    Verizon exclusive only till mid-next year.
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    It will be excluzive to verizon for

    they will bring it to other nwtworks after some time
    q3 2006 wide availabilty.

    not called 700w
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    Treo on windows is name
    VW period of exclustivity-middle of 2006
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    what did you text to billy?
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    I told Bill he has something in his teeth, lets see if he starts checking himself out.
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    Did anyone else think the screen looked rather sharp for 240x240?
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    haha just got this back:

    Automated Response: That was a demo number :-)
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    Im not falling for the demo number bit... I know it's him!
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    I want to know resolution and if there will be a palm version!
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    here is the scoop as I see it right now, Palm needed to make this announcement to stave off people from buying the Motorola Q (which Moto is moving to Q4 2005) and to keep their share price up with nothing to anniversary the Treo sales of this past year.
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    Nice Job Bill
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    A guy here at work calle dthe number and said he could hear sound from the stage
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    Hmm, VZW is still testing. This thing might not see the light of day until Q3 2006.
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    ""rock solid"" psh.
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    What was the origin of Gate's area code? Seattle area?
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