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    he cant show off the network because of a lost signal...
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    network error
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    blah connection issue.. mwahaha..
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    i caught that
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    I love how he was showing off Denny's Number in the Message area
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    can't wait to see the Palm OS guys come in here and say we are faking this press conference video...
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    i am currently viewing the webcast. looks nice. phone looks cleaner than i have seen yet.

    the microsoft interface seems pretty good, but i am a huge palm fan. screen resolution looks good, cant tell from the screen if it is higher than the 650 or not, but way better than my 600.

    as i watch i may add more,

    anyone else watching this
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    Bill Gates number, someone get it!
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    yeah his number has showed up a lot on movies... 555-1212.
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    He just showed bill gates personal phone number!
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    is that actually bill's phone number that he just showed?
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    Anyone get Bill's number?
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    gates - 4087264390
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    Quote Originally Posted by booya
    anyone catch bills phone number?
    Yup....too funny

    Wonder if his phone is going crazy :-)
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    Based on the update on the front TC page:

    Interesting: Not until Q1 2006 and no other WM5 Treo's ("using other wireless technologies) until 2nd half 2006.

    That leaves the "700p" still an option for Q1 2006. . . . .
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    when his phone rang I picked mine up to answer, damn it
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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzkids
    is that actually bill's phone number that he just showed?
    It ain't gonna be his number for long!
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    someone call it!
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    Doesn't matter, gates wont pick up with 'connection issue's
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