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    Quote Originally Posted by lghitis
    where can I see pics of the 700?
    You don't have to go far ...
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    I think the treo650 is better looking than the 700. I prefer the palm OS also, so I might be a little bit partial toward the 650.

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    Quote Originally Posted by specimen38

    What's up? I was in New York in August. I thought about you while walking through SOHO. I was hanging out on Prince St.

    I am in agreement with you. I like the 700w. It looks rugid. Wow!

    Yo Yo Yo.. Specimen !!
    Wass up??
    Al least the T700 is bringing people back to the forum.
    Ol crowd is gathering back .

    NYC & SOHO ,....good old days ...... I have n't been there in last few years.

    T700 is nice, but windooze and the wait will kill us .

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    da Gimp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    I like the looks of the 700.
    What he said.
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    I have to say, I think the 700 looks awesome. that keyboard simply rocks. this, plus ev-do and bluetooth 1.2 - its lookin good.

    windows, I'm not too sure about. 240 x 240 - don't like that at all, but everything else is a winner.

    the 700 is slick.
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    The wait is the hardest part...

    Palm can come out with a Hi-res+, 3G, 128 MB ram. Wi-Fi, BT 1.2, 2 Mp camera, Hi-power IR, GPS, etc... on a RAZR sized phone and the user community will still want more... "What, no surround sound and DVD burner!!! New dual boot treo 1000PW sucks man..."
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    It's not uglier in my opinion. I think it will be easier to use for those of with big thumbs and fingers especially the 5-way. But, different strokes for different folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    IMHO -- my blue Sprint 650 looks great.

    (Beauty is in the eyes of . . . . . .)

    Cheers, Perry
    Ugh! That funky blue color? Sprint can keep it!
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    The differences are subtle enough that there's no way you can say the 650 looks good but the 700W looks bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ekerbuddy
    Perhaps Palm has done this on purpose so we will all get excited about the thinner sleeker 750G (for GPS) that is slated for next year?
    I love it when people try to tie two completely unrelated topics together in some sort of conspiracy theory.

    Yes, Palm will PURPOSELY make the Treo 700w "ugly" so that you'll buy the "750g" instead. I'm sure that's EXACTLY what their marketing department came up with, and somehow, they slipped the idea past both Microsoft and HTC without either of them realizing it.

    This one's right up there with "Palm will test out the new Treo (insert model number here) on the CDMA carriers and then release a new and improved GSM model with twice the memory, a 1.3 MP camera, GPS, a UTMS radio, and all the OS bugs worked out only for us!"
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    While I also think it's ugly (as suggested in my 'yes' post) Treonauts is saying it looks much better in person

    While I've heard that from some people I've meet online, we all know that's a great website, so maybe the phone is no so ugly when in hand
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    Why is it uglier? Well have you looked a Bill Gates lately that alone should tell you something there....
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    It looks like a windows treo knockoff.. Johnny-come-lately windows mobile want to be top dog sooo bad! Even using Palm hardware to be legit. 240x240 is one giant leap backwards for mankind! As for the color of Sprint's 650? You can always add skins.. I think cobalt blue when I look at mine. Hoping Cobalt 6 will allay fears of Palm's extinction.
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    it reminds me of an old treo prototype.. unfortunely I can't find a pic of it anymore..
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