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    I don't want to open a new thread but all the currect 700w threads are closed. Let's use this thread to discuss the technical detail of the 700w.

    This guy in howard forums has posted more pictures

    It doesn't sound like he actually has the device and he is just shooting out random commentary alone the pictures. And he said the 700w has wifi but I don't see how he can make that conclusion but there you go.
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    Give me another 36 hours and I'll tell you all the real inside scoop .
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    Well... if certain pda has wifi, wink in your next post.
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    This horse has already rotted in the ground and the plants are sucking up its nutrients.
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    I think this horse has already been discussed in a dozen other merged threads and you should've searched first (and easily found a thread about this) before you created a new one.
    I'm back!

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