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    Just a note - you can run Palm OS apps on Windows Mobile - see here:
    I've used this software and found it useful for running old, legacy Palm apps that don't exist or for which there are no Windows Mobile equivalents. It's not high-res, and any app that even remotely addresses hardware seems to kill it.
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    Just want to throw in my 2 cents. I am a long time Palm user - going back to the Palm V days. In the last year I have switched to WM devices. In general there are tons of very good WM apps already out there and the list continues to grow. Now with Palm caving in to the competition that list will only get larger.
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    Looks like PPC has come a long way since I bought - and quickly returned - my Cassiopeia. I'm definitely going to take a look once a device with a reasonable form factor emerges.
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    Check out the PPC6700 then or the I730.
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