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    So far, we have all been looking at the situation from the point of view of how the "WinTreo" will impact us and our loved ones: Palm, PalmOS, ect.... What most of you have been saying is true, he 700W will have a negative impact on PalmOS. How much remains to be sceen. But, that is, imho, just colatteral damage. Billy G's intented target, and the eventual biggest loser in this whole mess will be RIM.

    After Exchange2003 with ActiveSync was released, WM5 has some diffinate advantages for the deployment of mobile email. What MS needed was the slickest, most elegant device to make their vision of future mobile email more attractive. Enter WinTreo.

    Now mobile professionals can carry a Treo have activesync push their email just like BB. But, the save the monthly fees and don't have to support another server, they just pay for a data plan they would have probably had anyway. Plus they get all the added functionality of a Treo. (I know, IT staff doesn't want all those extra out there complicating their lives.)

    Yes, POS will be hurt, particularly in the corporate user space. The only way they go away is if they continue to not respond to the changing market.

    I have a T600 and have been waiting for this next model to upgrade. My first choice is to not go with WM5, but... keep an open mind and you never know.

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    I wonder if Palm will change the power/sync plug on the Treo. The one on the 650 is horrible!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstrauss
    By the way, does his now mean that the Windows crowd gets to experience and enjoy the rants of the Tundy crowd on what a POS the 700w is?
    That's the 2nd time I've heard you mention this "Tundy"... what are you talking about?

    And do you mean to say that you think the Palm OS is up to snuff or in any way adequate?
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    Had a 700w in my hands today (several of our developers went to a conference at MS and they were handing out numbered dev samples...NO Kidding!). Quick observations before it got snatched away. Form factor...slightly changed and rounded at the bottom corners. Screen resolution....don't know what it was but it appeared crisper than a 650. WM on the Treo...lets just say that navigation is not the same...seems like it took me forever to get to things. Plugs...same as the 650. I'll try to steal it back for a bit...but there was a line...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwab1967
    I wonder if Palm will change the power/sync plug on the Treo. The one on the 650 is horrible!
    OF course they will and that is one bet you should definitely take (takers?) The Treo 650 power/sync port represents a significant technological breakthrough from the 600 that most of you just don't appreciate at all. Anyone who has upgraded from a previous Treo should have to buy all new accessories... **yet again.**
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