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    Quote Originally Posted by hariustrk
    I think I will switch to something like this when my contract is up.

    I want a WM based device next because I've lost alot of faith in the PALM software offering. I like the treo's footprint and keyboard/button layout, but the software for me leaves alot to be desired.

    I also want somethign with MS Reader, I miss that application so much from my iPaq. eReader stinks.
    I have had the 6600 for over 10 months now and I am still very impressed with it. I did a detailed review of this phone here:

    Using 6601 On the Road for a Week.....

    Most of all the concerns for both the 650 and the 6600 listed in that thread have been resolved.

    The 6600 has a bigger screen and is now a lot cheaper on eBay since the the 6700 has been released. I am still very happy with this phone. It is uncertain if there will be an EVDO upgrade or not.

    The other option would be the PPC-6700. The advantages is that it is faster and newer. The only disadvantage is a smaller screen and of course more expensive

    Edit: I also forgot to mention to check out the i730.
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