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    It just occured to me and maybe I am wrong, several in these forums think I am wrong even if I say a cloudless sky is blue in midday, but is this not not Just a thought for those who are MS-Phobic to remind them that this is about Treo not Palm OS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fly888
    The thing that I really don't understand is why a Treo? If WM is better than PalmOS then why not just purchase one of the many smartphones that already has the OS loaded? The VGA screens are there. The wifi ability is there. I look at the HTC examples that I think are fantastic examples of hardware. What could possibly be gained by combining the Treo & WM? (To be entirely honest, I have a sneaking suspicion that people think that loading WM onto a Treo will give them the Treo's stability, but I think I'll just keep that to myself.)

    Windows Mobile Smartphones have a limited version of the OS. No Word. No Excel. Keyboard ONly. The HTC hardware is very nice and the phone is excellent. However, a smartphone should allow the addition of other programs. The native ability to use Word is quite useful. THe built in Excel allows the ability to set up personal calculators and databases that are quite custom. The Windows Mobile for Smartphones do not have that capability.

    Windows Mobile for PDAs do have Word, Excel, and sylus input. In fact, the digitizer has a mode that is nearly identical to Grafitti version 1.

    So, a Treo with Windows Mobile 5 is a superior smartphone to the Windows Mobile Smartphones and makes a better package than the Windows Mobile 5 PDAs that may have a phone built in.

    I will wait for the GSM version.
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