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    Wondering if anyone out there has had success migrating ALL Contacts, Calendars (inc Categories), Memos, and Tasks SUCCESSFULLY from a Treo 680 to ANY Palm "Windows Mobile" device???

    I LOVED my Treo 680. It was a fantastic BUSINESSMAN's phone and a True PDA / information Organizer.
    All these contemporary so-called smartphones that are designed so teenagers can chat on Facebook do nothing for me. So therefore I am looking to stay within the realm of a genuine PDA while possibly upgrading "slightly."

    Sadly WebOS is a FAIL in this regard (please read my posts elsewhere for an explanation, but the long and short is that WebOS lacks huge amounts of PalmOS functionality).

    My eye is on the Treo Pro, but I am also curious how people have succeeded migrating from a Treo 650 or 680 (basically the same phone) to ANY later PalmOS phone - i.e. the 700 series, the 750 series, the 800 (I did not even know there WAS an 800?!?!?).

    Please chime in with your experience.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I migrated Treo 700 to Treo Pro years ago with no issue. But since I was syncing Treo 700 with Outlook, I just installed the WM software and synced that to Treo Pro... So essentially Outlook did all the work...

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