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    I'm sorry if I'm asking a question that has been asked many times before but I can't find an answer searching the forums.

    I've been using a Treo 680 since it first came out and love the Palm OS. The phone has become a part of me and I can input a reminder, calendar entry etc etc with one hand and has become second nature. I simply love the phone and believe I am using it to its full capacity. Presently I use an 8GB SD card which seems to suffice.

    However, it is getting technologically old, and since I'm a "pay as you go" person, I don't have internet and as we all know the 680 is not capable of Wi-Fi. The few times I purchase a "day pass" from T-Mobile the phone struggles to display the few web pages I want to look at.

    And of course that darn battery! I recently purchase the SEIDO 1600mah battery and even that lasts only about a day. I keep 2 spare OEM's in my briefcase.

    I'd like to move to the Palm Pro but it's running WM. I've read numerous accounts of people trying unsuccessfully to xfer their contacts and calendar. My calendar has 4 years of data in it and I have about 200 contacts with lot of notes.

    From what I've read, I have to sync the 680 with Outlook. (NOT Outlook Express) so I'll have to go out and buy it. They guy at the phone store says the phone itself has "built it" conversion software but I think he's trying to make a sale.

    I can't even get the data into my HP IPAQ 4355 running WM pocket PC 2003 to practice with so I can decide if I want to buy a Treo Pro. I'm SURE the battery life is much better, it's got twice the internal memory and it's thinner and lighter.

    Any input on how to transfer all of my data and contacts from Palm OS to WM would be appreciated. As I said, I"m sure this has been asked a ton of times but please bear with me.

    Thanks, Mark
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    Did you ever get a good reply and / or sort out the answer to this?
    I have the EXACT same issue as you - love my Treo 680 but its old and wearing out.
    Tried a Pre 3 - loaded with problems so I am backstopping towards getting a Treo Pro or Treo 755.

    Very curious what you discovered if you don't mind taking the time to fill in someone with the exact same need / question.


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