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    Hey all I bought a new Treo Pro recently and I am noticing that many people seem to praise theirs... however mine is of a different sort. There are a few things going on so I will just make this quick and list them.
    1) Every time I try to pull up FB, Google, Bing, or any search sites, the browser closes immediately.
    2) After I attempt to send a picture MMS (which is always returned) I have to take the battery out to get the phone working correctly again.
    3) When i try to register it, it says it cannot complete.
    4) Sometimes when I hit the MMS key, it randomly starts pulling up "tasks" and won't stop until, again, i take out the battery.

    I also don't know where to get apps, and I swear I'm not remedial, if anyone has help please, I would love to hear it thanks.
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    If it was pre-used at all, I would start by doing a hard reset. That way you're not running into any issues left on the phone previously.

    1) Try Opera Mobile. The built in IE is awful.

    4) Go to Start Menu, Settings, then Buttons. Maybe check the button assignments to see if everything looks normal there.

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