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    I just recieved my Treo Pro from ebay for Sprint. However, there are several issues that are a little disheartening:
    1) Whenever I try to use the built in wifi, Power Vision #777 appears. I do not have a data plan, but I would like to rely on wifi. Whenever trying to disable Power Vision in the CONNECTIONS tab, I end up losing whatever settings I have just changed. Any time I use a program that uses Wifi or Data(such as Opera), I end up with innumerable amount of popups saying "ERROR 67: DATA CALL FAILURE." This is extremely frustrating, as I'd like to use WIFI and WIFI only!
    2) The Treo Pro has a standalone GPS, but any programs that access it require data. I might be wrong on this, but the GPS (being a standalone feature) should be able to be used without data!
    3) What is the normal time for battery charging? My Treo Pro takes a very long time to fully charge.
    If you know any solutions, please reply!
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    After posting, I've gotten the Power Vision notifications to go away. Thanks to Modaco No Data.
    However, wifi has a problem... It will connect to the internet or any able programs when plugged into Device Center/ my laptop. It will not connect to my network when it is not plugged in. My network shows up, and the left soft key that reads CONNECT will appear when the network is pressed. However, the wifi doesn't connect and I am not given an IP address. Wifi that can only be used when connected to a computer isn't really wifi, is it?
    This is extremely frustrating! Please, if you know anything, then write!
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    I know it's a last resort, but have you tried a hard reset?

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