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    Hi all
    I would like to use my Treo 700w solely as a PIM (no phone). I installed the Treo 700wx Getting Started CD and I have ActiveSync activated. I managed to transfer my Palm Zire 31 files to Outlook (I used the Zire 31 sync procedure) but have a problem transferring the same files to Treo 700w using Activesync.
    Is the Getting Started CD for Treo 700wx OK to use for Treo 700w.
    I appreciate any help/advise

    Thank you
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    Got file transfer to wok on both way sync.

    But now am experiencing New problem:
    My Treo 700w works fine (all programs) But when I shut it down it will not start up unless I reset via Battery removal or soft reset.

    Any help will be most appreciated

    Thank you

    Don P

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