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    I've been trying for the past few weeks to get YouTube to work, somehow, on my new to me Treo Pro for Sprint. Finally, today, I was succesful.

    This may be old news to some of you, but coming in as a total n00b to WinMo has been quite a challenge, especially since so much of the stuff is no longer supported and difficult to track down.

    Apparently, Adobe abandoned Flash support for Windows Mobile in early 2010. They had released a few versions of Flash Lite, and Windows Mobile 6.5 was even going to get full (not lite) flash support.

    When they pulled the plug, they also pulled all official download sources. Nowadays, Flash Lite 2.2 is easy to find on the Google. But in my tests it worked only with a few videos (videos, it seems, that were uploaded by mobile devices -- which made for some interesting viewing this week from Syria!).

    But today I stumbled upon Flash Lite 3.1 Plugin and I'm happy to say it works wonderfully with IE6 (and only IE). I've watched a number of crisp clean videos today, and even though I'm using, all the videos have worked, even one's that on my previous devices would not play because they were not "optimized for mobile use" or whatever. This really made my day, lol.

    Meanwhile, these are the tools and apps that do NOT work, even with either version of Flash Lite (2.2, 3.1):
    • Kinoma's YouTube app - every single YouTube link returns "File not found"
    • Opera Mini - I only have mini installed, don't know if Mobile works differently - will test someday
    • YouTube's Windows Mobile App which is also no longer supported; it works audio only for most videos

    All comments, input welcome and wanted. Thanks.
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    There is another .CAB floating around (link below, also on CNET Downloads) and it DOES NOT work. Make sure you get Dvha79's version. (I think this is someone at XDADevelopers or PPCGeeks).

    Download Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 cab for Windows Mobile

    One way to tell the difference: Dvha79 prompts for a warm reset. The other does not.
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