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    so tiny backstory..2 years ago switched from vzw to sprin cuz of service in my house. small business went on a vzw plan at half switched..for about 3 problem(meaning anywhere in my house ii could at least send n reca txt). then the other night it just took a idea what happened. phone wasn't dropped or within 100ft of my house ii lose reception. it just searches. there will be a tiny random spot in some places in the house but overall inside..nogo. outside..everywhere else..good reception.

    so ii was lookin up stuff and found ii can connect and external antenna which ii have for a cell phone. but for the life of me..can't find on the pro. found it on 800w easily. its usually under a rubber plug. cantt seem to find it. can someone please show or describe as towhere it is? thanks.
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    I don't know anything about external antennae except that the one's sold at drug store's as universal are bunk.

    What I do know works is femtocell technology, like Sprint's Airave, and signal boosters.

    Femtocell is a mini cell tower you hook up in your house or office, just like a wi-fi router. It uses your internet connection to get the calls onto the phone network.

    A signal booster uses an antennae mounted outside the building to bring the signal inside, where it is amplified.

    Use the google for research, or start here:
    Verizon Femtocell
    Verizon Femtocell Sells For $249 - Dead Zones

    FYI: Sprint through retention/account services will give you a free Airave with free service. They did for me just recently. I have no idea if Verizon has similar offers.
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    Check this out:
    Treo Pro Disassembly Guide | PhoneResource

    Step 2 photo it looks like the antenna is the metal plate at the top of the device, under the battery door.
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    got it. of course it wouldnt be like any other treo with the rubber covered antenna.

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