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    I'm on Sprint with a Treo Pro windows mobile 6.1 build 20765.1.4.4 on a SERO plan.

    My issue is that sometimes my battery drains out completely and this sometimes happens while its hooked up to my charger over night.

    If I turn the phone off and charge it back up, im good to go.

    I've checked for apps running and nothing is running in the background.

    The only thing I can think of is that it keeps trying to force itself to download my email or something. I check the device, and its not showing an open data connection, blue tooth, wifi, or IR connection.

    I'm completely lost on this one.
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    Your charger is a palm standard charger? Want to make sure the data pins are shorted, which might be an issue with 3rd party charger.

    The screen turns off correctly? I have had issues with mine recently, and had to change the turn-off times (and then back) to get it to work correctly...
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    Hmmm, this sounds like a problem I'm having too! My JUST out of warranty Treo Pro (unlocked, using AT&T) has two issues. The first is the worst. The micro USB connection on the bottom has gone bad. No matter if I use the car charger, a microUSB charger or the factory sync/charge cable it won't stay connected. If you don't keep it exactly still, even a tiny movement "unplugs" it and stops the sync or charging. In the car it's nearly impossible to keep it connected more than a few minutes at a time.

    The battery issue is weirder. SOME of the time when I can get it connected it charges normally. But more often, it indicates x%, charging for a long time, but the level of charge goes DOWN the longer I have it connected. I've heard of batteries that won't take a charge, but not ones that sometimes will and sometimes won't... Which sounds like what you have experienced.

    Any ideas, anyone? So far all I've had any luck with is removing the battery and trying again. Worked for a while, now the Treo is just a brick. Charge light comes on, but no response.

    I really don't want to send Palm $199 if there is a simple fix, but don't want to spend $40 for a new battery if the phone itself is dead.

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