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    Okay so I just got this phone yesterday and I have never had a smartphone. I understand the essentials, am just trying to figure out what needs to be updated on the phone (either firmware or software or both I don't know). Here is the details on versions.

    Software V (TREO750-2.27-RWE)
    Firmware V (

    Windows Mobile 6 Professional
    CE OS 5.2.1239 (Build 17746.0.2.4)

    Also when I try and run Windows Update under Settings, I get (Connection to update server was not available. Check your data connections settings and ensure the device date and time are correct.) The date and time are correct when I am at the main screen.

    any help would be great and much appreciated, thank you.
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    You need to get your update from Palm or the original Phone provider, like AT&T. Unfortunately, this product has reached its end of life so the support you need may not be there. Have you tried other boards? They may have some original update ROM posted somewhere. Just try to get the legit ones that apply for your phone.

    Sorry, I have not really done updates on my phone as I bought this with the last release update from AT&T.

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