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    I'm working on some usable Polish keyboard layout for TP. As everybody know, the sym.txt doesn't work so I decided to use AEKmap. Excellent tool, but I have a big problem with it.
    Once installed and loaded (even without any layout) it disables "alt keys" list, that normally appears when user edits something and presses Alt.

    So, whatever awesome keymap I can make, there will not be any chance to type eg "<" or ":" sign, because of lack of symbols list.

    Polish Programmers' layout is a traditional layout in Poland. "Polish" letters (ąćęśłżź, ĄĆĘŚŁŻŹ) are typed (on PC) with combination of RightAlt+letter (RAlt+a = ą etc.) and are about 3-5% of each polish text, so finally I would like to use Treo's Alt as RAlt and remap Fn+Space to function as Treo's Alt (displaying secial chars list).
    Eventually I can do something strange and (remembering Treo 650's keyboard assings) make a keyboard map with tons of shortcuts. But it's not my target to type "(" with Fn+y, "<" with Alt+y, "{" with alt+shift+Y and "[" with alt+shift+y. Remembering 4-5 keysrokes for each key + whole char table is kind of madness.

    So question is - does anybody know how to force AEkmap (what cHHHH code to use) to display "Alt Keys" list in Treo?
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    Hmmm... the AEKmap application invokes the ALT symbols just fine in my GSM Treo Pro. I'd uninstall and reinstall the application before anything else.

    Also, I never ran the application w/o a layout. Perhaps that's where the problem is? In my case I am running it with a custom Russian layout that I created. Works very well indeed.
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    First I have run AEK with some layout, that enables small diacritics for Treo, to finish this layout enabling it to generate big diacritics. But Alt key stopped to work. After unloading AEK the Alt key still don't work (don't show alt list). Only softreset helps.

    And the second, much bigger problem. If AEK uses some letter, let's say "a" (to generate "ą" and "Ą"), it "arrests" every use of this letter in buffer and puts in into text with big lag. So if I cretate layout that uses "a" and try to type "amarantus" faster than 0.5 cps, then I get "mrntusaaa", in which letter "mrntus" goes to the text instantly, but "aaa" after ca 1.5s.
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