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    Hi all,
    My pro 850 just rebooted itself for no reason, when it came back it seemed to work ok for around 10 minutes then rebooted again. This time it didn't come back, and the led is flickering rapidly an orange sort of color.
    I tried a soft and hard reset but now it's just dead except for the occasional led flicker and strangely sometimes the keyboard lights up bright white then dies.

    If I plug the charger in there is no response but with the battery removed I get the usual red led lit but cannot turn the device on

    Will it run without the battery ? as most other phones will.

    Do you think it's just the battery gone short circuit ? or dead pro.

    Thanks in advance
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    I just tested, and no, you can't run it without the battery...
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    thnx, at least I know that now. I'll get another battery and post the results.
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    Please do! I was about to try running without a battery to see if my battery is causing my problems, but guess not...

    It'll be very interesting to see if a new battery fixes things for you!

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