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    Hi all. Recently, I had to hard reset my Sprint 800w. I was able to get everything back except the picture mail cab. All of the old forums and support articles ( point to the file, but it's long gone. When Sprint upgraded the software store, that file wasn't move. As a result, I can't get a hold of this CAB file anywhere. The Sprint Software Store folks (run by handmark) say it's a Sprint issue, and the three technical reps at Sprint have no idea what I'm trying to do. The Sprint Store rep says what I'm trying to do never existed!

    I was hoping that someone here downloaded the CAB file before it disappeared and can post or send to me. I would love to have the capability back if I can just find the file!!

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    I hope someone here can help you....
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    Sorry to revive such an old thread, but I thought it may be useful to have this hanging around somewhere.
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