I've been using a TP850 for 18 months now. Yesterday I had to replace my unit with a brand new TP850 (insurance covered the replacement). (Old one was going crazy - screen was "fritzing" and ending up showing a blank white screen of death, etc.)

Somehow, I've carried over to the brand new TP850 a problem I had with my old one. I copied over my files (using Sprite restore), and then re-installed all my programs. Basically, I have a fresh install.

Problem: when my TP850 is sleeping, and I get an alarm or a text message, the TP850 wakes up and there's an alert message notification on the screen, which blinks ... but regardless of what I do, I can't get the system to respond to/close the alert notification. The only way I've been able to get it to work, is to hit the green phone button (which then redials my last call - annoying!) or by doing a soft reset.

Any help on what I'm doing wrong/which setting needs to be change ... is appreciated. Thanks.