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    My old Blueant Z9 finally gave up the ghost. Does anyone have any suggestions for a new one? Thanks.

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    Just call me Berd.
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    Or maybe you could try and win this:
    Just call me Berd.
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    My two favorites are the Plantronics Voyager Pro & the Jawbone Icon. Both have good audio, both have great noise cancelling.

    The Voyager Pro is a little better at having both ends of the conversation hear well & is better if you use it while you're very active. The over the ear electronics section & the mike boom make it look very techie & potentially uncomfortable. But, in fact, the Voyager Pro may be the most comfortable BT headset for long term wearing. You probably will forget it's there.

    The The Icon has A2DP for audio listening (which the Voyager Pro doesn't) & voice dialing. It's also pretty good for you to hear in noisy environments, but it's best used with one of the in the ear pieces -- the earhook didn't fit as well as I'd like it to. The apps on the Icon are customizable via their My Talk website, which is how I got the A2DP. Each model of the Icon has it's own voice for announcements -- mine is "The Hero", but I found that one of the other voices was actually clearer for me, which can also be changed via MyTalk.
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