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    I have created Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional ROM images for the TREO 700w and 700wx phones. Don't hold your breath waiting for Palm or your carrier to release an update, because they won't. They want you to go and upgrade to their newest phones instead. (An example of the Hardware and Software mfg working together.)

    The update costs only $10 and about 15 minutes of your time and your phone will be running the latest and greatest Windows Mobile!

    TREO 700w and 700wx users, check out this page:

    Many of my friends and customers are now happily running WM6.1 on their phones and now love their phones again!
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    wow r u seriously trying to charge for what you can get for free here?
    WM6.1 Rom for Treo 700wx - Finally! - xda-developers

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